Alternative Dispute Resolution. Keep it out of court

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an umbrella term used to describe a range of alternatives to litigation. These include Conciliation, Mediation, Evaluative Mediation, Expert Determination, Evaluation and Arbitration.

 ADR offers several advantages over litigation and is gaining popularity amongst businesses and professional bodies because of these important benefits:
The benefits of ADR are:-

  • Neutrality: In contrast to the adversarial environment of a court, ADR mediators and arbitrators are impartial.
  • cost-effectiveness: Litigation is expensive and the longer it takes, the more expensive it becomes
  • Confidentiality: Proceedings are conducted in private and in confidence
  • Conciliatory: Litigation is inherently adversarial whilst ADR is conciliatory, which enables parties to preserve and enhance their working relationship, avoiding the pitfalls of a winner – loser court outcome.
  • Consensual: ADR takes place in a non-threatening forum, enables parties to be heard and understood and to appreciate one another’s position, which promotes positive working relationships and supports a constructive corporate ethos.
  • Successful:ADR has a very high success rate, even cases that do not settle immediately usually do so soon afterwards and valuable lessons are invariably learnt as a consequence of parties experiencing the process.
  • As a accredited mediator I can bring some of these benefits to bear upon your dispute. Contact me here and see if I can be of any help